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Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening in Jimboomba

Did you know that teeth whitening is the most requested cosmetic dentistry procedure today? In just one short visit to our practice, you can get a stunning, brighter smile with no downtime.

It’s that simple!

What to Expect

When you visit Flagsmile Dental for a whitening appointment, we will:


When it comes to teeth whitening (bleaching), it’s always best to begin in our practice. We can advise you on whether you are a good candidate for teeth whitening. Those people with yellowish teeth typically have better results than those with brownish or grayish hues. Also, whiteners have no effect on tooth-colored composite fillings or teeth that are bonded, so whitening will only make these teeth stand out from the ones that do whiten.

The whitening procedure that we do at Flagsmile Dental generally takes about an hour and the results are immediate. After ensuring that the gums are protected, a bleaching agent is applied to the teeth and it does all the work!

Our office also dispenses take-home kits along with a custom-made mouthpiece. These gels are generally used for two weeks in order to obtain the desired results. You can also perform at-home touch-ups to maintain your results.

Some people experience tooth sensitivity after using bleaching agents. This is usually temporary and goes away after completion of the whitening process. Others notice irritation of their gums – especially when the bleaching tray is not custom made and the gums come in contact with the bleaching agent.

Side effects should always be brought to our attention so we can advise you on whether they are typical or not.

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