Tongue Tie and Lip Tie Treatment



Tongue Tie and Lip Tie Treatment

Lip & Tongue Tie Treatment in Jimboomba

What Are Tongue and Lip Ties?

Tongue and lip ties are extra fibers in your mouth that can get in the way of talking and eating, and if they are particularly strong, can even compromise the health of your gums and teeth. Some people have this condition without being aware of it. When you come to Flagsmile Dental for a check up, we can identify it and discuss whether it’s been affecting you and what your options are.

Foundations for Straighter Teeth

Tongue or lip ties in children can affect how their adult teeth grow in. They can also affect their speech, and we work with speech pathologists to identify and correct tongue or lip ties. We may also identify tongue or lip ties as part of an orthodontic consultation.

The Procedure

Usually, a tongue or lip tie release can be performed in a single visit of less than an hour. Generally, you’ll have some stitches afterwards, and you’ll feel like you have a cut or an ulcer in your mouth where we released the fibers. We will give you exercises to do to stretch your lips and tongue in order to minimize scarring or future reattachment. You will also be given aftercare instructions and information. The healing process is similar to having a tooth out – many kids are able to go back to school after a day or two.

Talking to Your Child

Although a tongue or lip tie release does involve cutting the excess fibers, telling your child “we have to cut your tongue or lip” is usually counterproductive. Kids are more comfortable when parents tell them we’re going to help them lick their ice cream or lollipop better or cheekily stick their tongue out at their siblings or friends!

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